Transfer Sharing, How it works

Before submitting a Transfer Sharing request, please consult the Transfer Sharing Offers section in order to check if requests for the service you require already exist. In the event that you find a request which matches your needs, you may indicate your interest directly on the offer page, without any obligation.

You will receive a booking confirmation request 4 days prior to the date of transfer, or upon completion of available seats, with indication of cost and travel times.

Book a Transfer Sharing service only if:

  • you are looking to reduce your travel costs;
  • you are willing to share the vehicle with other travellers;
  • you are willing to wait for the arrival of other passengers at the airport;
  • you are willing to accept diversions in order to unload other passengers and their luggage at their destination.


  • Our vehicles are equipped with 7-8 passenger seats.
  • The most substantial savings can be achieved by individual travellers or
    groups of less than 4 persons.
  • The transport offered is a “door to door” service and may include
    several stops during the journey.